ANIMAL | Sarah Brosnan | DocFilm | DW | 17.08.2016
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ANIMAL | Sarah Brosnan

Even if it is difficult to admit it, the human being is in a way still just an animal. An animal with needs and impulses – controlled by hormones, nerve reflexes and instincts.

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Video - ANIMAL

We would like to think that we have control of ourselves - but that would be a misconception. Like many other animals, man is a herd animal, he displays swarm behavior, loves hierarchies with clear roles and reacts in many cases like other primates. Human social, territorial and tribal behavior, instincts such as hunting, aggression, sexuality are all behavioral patterns and characteristics that remind us every time we open a newspaper how close we are to animals; and how many times we forget typical human qualities such as reason, empathy or morality.

The Monkey in Us
The neurotic human-animal looks for distraction, compensation for the anxiety and gratification. To a certain extent, people behave like amoebas – attracted by anything that gives them satisfaction. So-called “neuromarketing” tries to capitalize on the way the human brain works: Electrochemical processes in the "reward center" secrete endorphins that make us temporarily happy. But in contrast to the animal, “the naked ape” often just cannot get enough...

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