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Rule of LawRomania

Andrew Tate to be extradited over UK sex charges

Published March 12, 2024last updated March 12, 2024

The online influencer will first have to answer separate charges in Romania before he can be extradited on charges of sexual aggression dating back to 2012-2015 in the UK.

A police officer escorts Andrew Tate, center, handcuffed, from the Court of Appeal in Bucharest, Romania
Andrew Tate won an appeal last year to be freed from house arrest in RomaniaImage: Alexandru Dobre/AP Photo/picture alliance

A Romanian court approved a request from the United Kingdom to extradite online influencer Andrew Tate on an arrest warrant issued by British authorities.

The court, however, postponed Tate and his brother Tristan Tate's extradition pending "the final verdict in the criminal case argued at the Bucharest court."

The brothers were detained in Romania on Monday on warrants issued by UK's Westminster Magistrates Court over allegations of sexual aggression in a UK case dating back to 2012-2015. 

The brothers "unequivocally deny" all charges, their spokesperson Mateea Petrescu said.

The court also ruled the brothers should be released from police custody immediately.

Last 'remaining route' to hold Tate accountable

Four women have reported Tate to the UK authorities for alleged sexual violence and physical abuse, but the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute him.

The alleged victims then turned to crowdfunding to cover their legal costs as they pursue a civil case against him. 

"We handed over our evidence about the horrific acts of violence we endured and waited for action. But four years later we were told the UK authorities would not prosecute him," they say on their campaign page. "It's our one remaining route to hold him accountable." 

The public-interest defenders representing the women in the UK case said they would issue a statement later in the day on behalf of their client.

Tate was released from house arrest last year in a separate case

Tate and his brother were indicted in a separate case in Romania in June 2023 on charges of trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women. 

Tate won an appeal later that year in a Bucharest court to be released from house arrest. Both Tate and his brother deny all allegations against them in the case.

Tate and his brother are dual US-British nationals. Tate is a former kickboxer who has built up a massive social media following — 8.9 million followers on X, formerly known as Twitter — by sharing misogynistic views about the role of women and masculinity.

He was previously banned from various prominent social media platforms for those views, but has been reinstated on X.

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