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Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky is a German photographer known for his digitally modified photos that critically examine consumerism and the ills of modern life. He was born in 1955 in Leipzig, but grew up in Dusseldorf.

Andreas Gurksy studied at the Dusseldorf Academy of Art, where he is now a professor. The son and grandson of professional photographers, Gursky is acclaimed for his methodical approach to large-scale color photography of architecture and landscapes, often employing a perspective from an elevated vantage point. His blatant use of digital manipulation alters the viewer's perception of reality and has revolutionized modern photography. Gursky's works are not only known for being extraordinarily large in size, but also in price: In 2011, his "Rhein II" became the most expensive photograph to be sold at auction, going for over $4.3 million.