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All clear at Frankfurt airport after security breach

August 31, 2016

Frankfurt airport has returned to normal after security breach forced a partial evacuation. Airport officials said a person passed a security checkpoint without being screened.

Deutschland Polizisten im Flughafen Frankfurt
Image: picture-alliance/W. Rothermel

Parts of Terminal 1 at Frankfurt International Airport were cleared of passengers on Wednesday after a security breach.

Airport officials said a person had entered a secure area of the airport without undergoing a security check. Police added that the evacuation of the terminal was a precaution and there was no threat of a bomb or any other concrete danger.

The woman who did not complete the security check has been identified by police and is being questioned. It is not clear if she deliberately left the security check early or by mistake.

A spokeswoman for Fraport said the breach led to some flight delays at the hub, German airline Lufthansa's main base. Passangers were asked to allow for extra time at the airport if traveling from Frankfurt.

About two hours after the security breach took place, police reported that there was no danger and airport operations resumed as normal.

mz/jm (AP, dpa, AFP)