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DW Mitarbeiterportrait | Alexander Freund
Image: Philipp Böll/DW

Alexander Freund

Archaeology, natural science, the animal kingdom and medicine.

Whether it is archaeology, natural sciences or medicine - science is very detailed and complicated. Alexander Freund tries to explain exciting discoveries in the world of science in as understandable a way as possible.

Marveling, understanding, explaining — that is what motivates Alexander Freund. After studying Japanese studies, political science, art history and comparative religion, he undertook some extended trips through Asia and other regions. In Japan and Korea in particular, he encountered an inspiring juxtaposition of tradition and modernity. Following his period of journalistic training at public broadcaster WDR, he worked at DW in a number of departments for radio, TV and online, including as head of the Asia service for several years. At present, he is quenching his thirst for knowledge in the Science department.

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