Albina Ruiz and the Ciudad Saludable in Peru | Social Entrepreneurs | DW | 02.09.2008
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Social Entrepreneurs

Albina Ruiz and the Ciudad Saludable in Peru

Hardworking Waste Workers – A Peruvian Woman Turns Workers Into Small-Scale Entrepreneurs


Pucallpa is a fast-growing city in the Amazon region of Peru. A few years ago, the city was in danger of drowning in garbage because, like many other cities in the world, it had no organized waste disposal system. Thanks to Albina Ruiz, that has changed. She founded the recycling company "Ciudad Saludable", which means "Healthy City", and has turned the waste problem into an entrepreneurial success story. The garbage collectors are not employees, but partners in "Ciudad Saludable". They feel responsible and fulfill an important task for the community. For her work, Albina Ruiz has been honored by the Schwab Foundation. Ciudad Saludable is now so successful that more and more cities in Peru and neighboring countries want to adopt it as a model.

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