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AfD publishes sex-ed proposal

November 15, 2016

The party's policy paper outlines its opposition to schools educating children on sexual diversity. The so-called "Magdeburg Declaration on Early Sexualization" limits teaching on homo-, trans- and bisexuality.

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Image: Fotolia/Sergejs Rahunoks

The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) proposed a new sexual education curriculum on Tuesday that declares the "classical family model" and the marriage between a man and woman as "life's primary purpose."

Information on homo-, trans- and bisexuality should be imparted to a lesser degree in sexual education lessons, if at all, according to the policy paper.

The paper, entitled the "Magdeburg Declaration on Early Sexualization," was presented in city of Magdeburg by the AfD's chairman in Saxony-Anhalt, Andre Poggenburg. It was drafted during a sitting that included all AfD parliamentary groups. 

Introducing the paper, Poggenburg said he could not give any examples of a curricula or school text books that adhered to the AfD's policy. Rather, the party said it wanted to make its mark by offering a "precautionary" approach to sexual education.

Green party slams AfD sex-ed proposal

The Greens slammed the paper. Parliamentary member Volker Beck said it devalued same-sex and unmarried partnerships.

Beck also criticized the AfD's call to restrict homosexual couples from adopting children. Studies have shown that children with parents of the same sex fair just as well in life, if not better, he said. 

Updating the national curricula on sexual education has always stirred heated debated in Germany. A new curriculum proposed in October in the state of Hessen aimed to develop respect for sexual diversity in childhood. The proposal's divisiveness saw both proponents and critics to take to the street of Wiesbaden to voice their reaction.

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