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A Migration With Young Northern Bald Ibis

March 28, 2024

Climate change is impacting many species, among them the endangered Northern Bald Ibis.

DW Euromaxx | Flugunterricht für Waldrappe
Image: Markus Unsöld

Young birds are being reintroduced in Europe but have to be taught by humans how to fly to warmer climes – a 2300 km journey from Germany to the south of Spain.


Also on Tomorrow Today:


Inductive charging - e-cars that recharge while driving

Electric cars can be charged inductively, just like smartphones. And they can do it not only when parked, but also while moving down the road. We look at how the technology works, and how far the research has progressed.





Symbolbild | Elektrizität | Funken im Umspannwerk
Image: Patrick Pleul/ZB/picture alliance

What causes static electric shocks?

We all know what it’s like to touch a door handle or other metal object and receive a mild electric shock. Why do they happen? What causes them? This week's viewer question comes from Zivayi B. in Zimbabwe.





Recycling energy - heating a hotel with regenerative braking

In Switzerland, the Stoos funicular train has to climb one of the steepest gradients in the world.  It generates enough energy during braking to heat a hotel at the top of the mouuntain.  





Eröffnung des neuen Skigebietes am Wurmberg im Harz
Image: Swen Pförtner/dpa/picture alliance

Climate-neutral ski slopes - energy-free artificial snow

Snow cannons need electricity to make and blow out artificial snow. But ‘snow lances’ like 'Nessy-Zero-E' work on natural water pressure alone, and don’t require other energy input.





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