A curator for the first draft of history  | HOME | Jenny Pérez | DW | 13.04.2017
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Jenny Pérez

A curator for the first draft of history 

Jenny Perez - Where I come from

Jenny Perez first came to Germany from her native Chile in 2008. Today, she is one of DW's most popular Spanish-language journalists and a lead anchor on DW Noticias. She brings years of experience as an international reporter to DW - adding an affinity for putting news in context for international audiences. As an international news anchor in Chile, she covered the Chile's international political agenda for audiences around the world. She was special envoy from areas of conflict in the Middle East and Latin America. She also reported major international summits in the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific. As a reporter, she has dedicated much of her career to Latin America. Developing stories on the ground and interviewing its politicians and leaders. With a special focus on human rights, freedom of the press and corruption. With focus on politics and economics, she had developed a strong reputation for holding people in power to account and delivering interviews. With her work in Berlin and on the ground in Latin America, she holds it to be both a privilege and a duty to counteract censorship and strengthen dialog.  

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