A big THANK YOU to our viewers! | In Good Shape - The Health Show | DW | 15.08.2013
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In Good Shape

A big THANK YOU to our viewers!

You sent in a record amount of mail about home remedies to In Good Shape. Now we are announcing the lucky winners of two iPod nanos.

Some weeks ago our presenters asked you to tell us your favorite remedy. And you responded in style, sending in hundreds of letters and emails. From special herbal teas for sleeping disorders to coriander paste with buttermilk against diarrhea - you sent us recommendations from all corners of the earth. Sofiane Besseghir from Algeria even sent us a sample of his favorite home remedy - star anise to relieve digestive complaints. Everyone who wrote in had a chance to win one of the prizes.
And the winners are Isela Montoya from Bolivia and Awuku Emmanuel from Ghana. Congratulations!
And thanks to all of you who wrote in! Keep your letters coming.