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Someone showing a picture of a bear to another person pointing at her; there are different icons of German culture on the wall behind them, from a Bretzel to the Berlin bear.
Image: DW

50 episodes of Meet the Germans: It's quiz time!

Rachel Stewart
December 22, 2021

To celebrate this Meet the Germans milestone, host Rachel Stewart finds herself in the hot seat. How well does she know her own show — and can you do any better?


It all started with a bottle of German beer back in 2018. The first episode of Meet the Germans with presenter Rachel Stewart was all about German brewing, drinking and mixing. Germans on the streets of Cologne rose to the challenge of opening a beer bottle without a bottle opener — getting creative with a lighter, a skateboard and even their teeth. 

Since then the show has covered a huge range of topics, from food, music and stereotypes to historical subjects such as World War Two and German reunification. There's been a rhyming episode about Germany's beloved asparagus and a rapped episode about Rachel's reverse culture shock back in the UK. Some episodes were directly inspired by requests from the Meet the Germans community – such as one about studying in Germany or another about Germany's cars and the famous Autobahn

To mark the occasion of reaching 50 episodes, Rachel's colleagues decided to find out how much she has really learned about Germany along the way. Does she know the ingredients in German beer? Will she pass the blindfolded bread roll test? And does she know what a kiwi fruit can tell us about German politics?  

Catch up on the quiz and see if you can beat Rachel at her own game. 

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