3rd place - Mr. Edwin K. Muchiri | Local Heroes Journalism Competition | DW | 29.06.2015
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Local Heroes Journalism Competition

3rd place - Mr. Edwin K. Muchiri

by: Kennedy G. Wanyoike

The pioneer of St. Edwin orphans children home takes the lead for he has made it through for doing such a heroic act…

Mr. Edwin K. Muchiri came up with a thought to start an orphan home to help the motherless or fatherless children in the Lari sub-county area. Motivated by a Bible verse proverbs 19:7 “He who is generous to the poor, tends to the lord and the lord will reward him for his deed.“ he started with the spirit to help the ‘gifts of God’ who are unprivileged to be able to have normal standard living.

It is with his wife that they came together and used their own money to establish the home for the little angels.

The local society gave them the chance to cater for the children. They did help Mr. and Mrs. Edwin to spot the needy children for them to come and take refuge as one family in the newly renovated place to fit as a home for the children. The home has been named after his first name Edwin.

Through the journey to make the home a better place, the society also has seen his passion and chipped in to provide with what they can give.

The home comprises of 35 children. To which they have varied from small to big. The senior most are already in form 3 and others are as young as four years.

“Am dreaming of a time when there will be more people helping the needy orphans.” Mr. Edwin says during the chat.

The world at large would be a better place to live in if the well up persons would stand out and help a number of children who are orphans.