12 films to slow down with | Film | DW | 20.03.2020
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12 films to slow down with

As we stay home to avoid spreading the coronavirus, here are a few film recommendations reflecting on the phenomenon of time.

In reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, public cultural life has been shut down. Watching films at home is one of the remaining safe entertainment options in times of social isolation.

Beyond streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and co., DVDs or Blu-Ray Discs may well be going out of style, but they still offer some classics of film history that might not be otherwise available online. 

Here are a few recommendations of works offering a personal interpretation of the concept of time, which has suddenly taken on a completely different meaning in the current context. These aren't quick-paced action films aiming to purely entertain, but rather works transmitting a particular feeling of time. Films that dive into the essence of things, with people reflecting on the meaning of life and humanity's existence.

We're all hoping for the end of this period of isolation when the world overcomes the coronavirus crisis. That's why this list of philosophical films also includes two newer titles that haven't been released online yet. They're also characterized by a slower pace, cautiously letting the protagonists' story unfold. Hopefully, they'll get to be shown — as intended — on the big screen.


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