10 places Germans like to hang out in the summer | Meet the Germans | DW | 27.06.2018

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Meet the Germans

10 places Germans like to hang out in the summer

School's out and work is slow. If they're not off traveling the world, here's where you'll find many Germans during the mild mid-year months.

In the summer, everything slows down noticeably in Germany. Offices are calmer with co-workers on vacation, the roads are less crowded, and people smile a bit more often (when they're not licking the ice cream cone in their hand).

So when there's a little bit less work to be done in June, July and August, what do Germans do when they're not fulfilling their reputation as travel "Weltmeister"? We've compiled a list of places where Germans tend to spend their extra time in the summer.

For quirky German expressions that are useful during the warmer season, click through the gallery below. For more about German culture, language and lifestyle, visit dw.com/meetthegermans.

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