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Vote on Germany's next Youth Word of the Year

Kate Müser
November 18, 2016

Can you talk like a German teen? These 10 terms are among the 30 nominated to be crowned Germany's next Youth Word of the Year.

Young people celebrating
Image: Fotolia/pressmaster

Ever talked with an adolescent and felt like you were speaking a different language? Well, no matter what language you were speaking, you probably were. Youths all over the world tend to develop their own vocabulary that reflects the issues they deal with - relationships, school, parents, peer pressure - and the evolving technology they are growing up with. German teens are no different.

So how can you talk like - or at least understand - a German youth? Each year, a jury organized by Langenscheidt publishers selects a German Youth Word of the Year. Suggestions are submitted by the public and whittled down to a shortlist. Through October 31, you can vote on your favorite by visitingjugendwort.de

We have chosen our 10 favorites from among the 30 words of the shortlist, presented in the gallery above.

The jury, comprised of professional linguists, journalists and writers, as well as actual under 20s including YouTubers and bloggers, will make the final decision, which will be announced on November 18.

Last year's German Youth Word of the Year was "Smombie" - a cross between smartphone and zombie. If you've ever run into someone who was staring at their phone instead of watching where they were going, then you've met a Smombie.


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