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Indian and Pakistani flags

Indian, Pakistani youth hopeful for a better future

DW News Asia Moderator Biresh Banerjee (Artikelbild)

DW News Asia with Biresh Banerjee, 12 August 2022

Women hold up signs at a protest against the Taliban in Afghanistan

Afghanistan's last women's rights activists

Kenia Kamerabauer Altmetall

Kenyan school dropout turns scrap metal to film equipment

Nigeria | Junger Nigerianer leitet Kampagne

Young Nigerian steers campaign to end voter apathy

World's largest hand-written Quran in Kashhmir

Calligrapher transcribes world's largest Quran

A woman sits at a table holding baskets filled with various products

Niger beauty brand harnesses vegetable power

Don’t Hold Back

How sports gave me back my mental health

Kenya Election Recap

Kenya Election Recap

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, textile artist in Pakistan

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto: No place for me in Pakistani politics

China's strict COVID policy has kept poor Hong Kong families apart for more than two years.

COVID policy keeps Hong Kong families apart

A South Asian migrant at a refugee camp in Lipa, Bosnia

South Asian migrants head to Bosnian camp on way to EU

Members of Voice of Baceprot wear flowing black dresses and look at the camera

Indonesian rockers tired of focus on hijabs

Patients protest against a shortage of HIV medicines in India

HIV patients in India protest shortage of life-saving drugs

DJ August Akpeji, Nigeria

Blind DJ Akpeji Ayodele mixes up Nigeria's music scene

World in Progress

A weekly look at globalization, education, economic development, human rights and more. Through in-depth interviews and features, explore the far-reaching and interconnected consequences of a globalized economy.  

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Magazin Global 3000 Argentinien Gemüse

Star chef in Argentina founds co-op garden

Magazin Global 3000 Seychellen Ranger

Seychelles: Conservation and tourism rush

Magazin Global 3000 Iran Teppichhändler

Hard times for rug dealers in Iran

Magazin Global 3000 Kanada Landwirte

Canadian ranchers at their breaking point

Three people work in a backyard garden, crouched on the soil

Backyard gardens empower women

Magazin Global 3000 vom 21.02.2022 | Peru Blaubeeren

Blueberries from the desert

Magazin Global 3000 vom 21.02.2022 | Ägypten Musik

Egypt: Mahraganat, the sound of the street

Armenien | Schöner wohnen mit Schildkröte Sendung Global 3000

Armenia: At home with a turtle

Tanzania: People dig a fallow soil with the hills in the background, clouds in the sky

Tanzania: Restoring the soil with reforestation