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Kenia Mutter krebskranker Kinder in Mombasa

The mother of cancer-stricken children in Mombasa

DR Kongo | Frauen landwirtschaftliches Projekt zur Versorgung von Gefangenen

DRC women launch agricultural project to feed prisoners

Fishermen in Bangladesh witness a decline in fish stocks

Fishermen grapple with years of inadequate harvest

Two Indonesian students in Moscow, Russia, sit on a bench

Indonesian students in Russia worried over future of studies

Afghan activist Munesa Mubarez

Afghan activist fights for women's rights under Taliban rule

Fire officials try to douse a fire at the Bhalswa landfill in New Delhi, India

Delhi's trash fires leave people gasping for air

People drink cold beverages during a severe heat wave in Pakistan

Pakistan struggles amid heat wave

Nigeria | Video-Still DW Africa

The amputee taxi driver winning hearts and minds

An art work in Bali, Indonesia, against Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine war: Bali friends create giant peace message

Technikbehälter in Kenia

The smart bin teaching Kenyans about waste

Motorists queueing to pump fuel into their vehicles at a petrol station in Vientiane

After Sri Lanka, Laos too faces acute fuel crisis

Children in Dhaka, Bangladesh, attend a free school

Bangladesh youth project takes aim at poverty

An e-car in Karachi, Pakistan

Can this e-mobility scheme cut air pollution?

The Africa Roundtable

Africa and European ties are at a crossroads

Women workers in Tharparkar, Pakistan

Solar energy empowers Pakistani women

World in Progress

A weekly look at globalization, education, economic development, human rights and more. Through in-depth interviews and features, explore the far-reaching and interconnected consequences of a globalized economy.  

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Südafrika Koesister - frittierter Kuchen aus Kapstadt

South Africa: A Global Snack from Cape Town

Rumänien | Eine neue Waldwildnis in den Karpaten

A forest reserve in the Carpathians

Global Ideas | Borneo Aufforstung

100 Million Trees for Borneo

Australien | Obdachlosigkeit im Strandparadies

Australia: Homeless in paradise

DW Global 3000 | Kamerun Gorilla

Protecting Cameroon's rare gorillas

A man stands in a field, with green hills in the background

Lesotho's deal with water

Global 3000 | Invasive Arten Wasserhyazinthe

Planthoopers versus water hyacinths

Magazin Global 3000 | Nemeh Mohsin

Global Teen: Lebanon

Magazin Global 3000 | Limettenkrieg in Mexiko

Mexico: Mafia and farmers caught up in lime crime