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DW The 77 Percent Rubrik Themenheader mit Edith, Eddy, Liz, Michael und Wanjiku

The 77 Percent

The 77 Percent 21.09.2020

77 percent of Africans are younger than 35. Those 77 percent can shape the continent’s future.

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DW News Africa Moderatorin Christine Mhundwa (Artikelbild)

DW News Africa with Christine Mhundwa, 3 December 2021

Overexploitation of groundwater on Java's northern coast

Indonesia: Groundwater exploitation threatens livelihoods

Egyptian cobra

Snakes saved from witchcraft rituals in Kenya

A lake in Kashmir

Vanishing wetlands threatens Kashmir livelihoods

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Ghana showcases technology to tackle big challenges

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Paralympic powerlifter: 'No disability can destroy a dream'

As countries rush to close their borders, South Africans in the hospitality industry fear for their future.

Anger, frustration over travel restrictions

Pakistanis watch Dirilis Ertugrul, a Turkish drama series for television, in Islamabad, Pakistan

Why Pakistani artists are wary of Turkish actors

Going bananas for hair

Going bananas for hair

Vaccination drive against measles and rubella kicks off in Pakistan

Pakistan launches measles and rubella vaccine drive

Mali's dancing plastic monster

Mali's dancing plastic monster

Ghanaian clinic gets dads to attend postnatal care

Ghanaian clinic gets dads to attend postnatal care

Rohingya refugees at a camp in New Delhi, India

Rohingya refugees in India fear deportation

Aerial of Bamenda, Cameroon, shows trees and green space and mostly low-rise homes

Cameroon's nightmare plots

Disha Ravi, Indian climate activist

COP is just a 'PR event,' says India climate activist

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Indian ocean fish curry from the Maledives

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Indonesia: The single sachet problem

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