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DW News Moderator Jared Reed (Artikelbild Detailseite)

DW News Asia with Jared Reed, 5 July 2022

A woman fills buckets from a spout controlled by an automat

Machines vend water and milk in Kenya slums

Geraubte Kulturgüter aus der Kolonialzeit

The Benin Bronzes are coming home!

DW News Africa Sendungslogo

DW News Africa with Raheela Mohamed, 1 July 2022

Devil's Barrel Show Karmila Purba

Indonesia: Meet Sumatra's 'daredevil princess'

Fishermen on boats in Hong Kong

Fishing boats mark quarter of century since British rule

Atex Compound in Malabon, Philippines

Philippines: Life in 'the Venice of Malabon'

Two women holding handbag

Fighting plastics and unemployment in Ethiopia

Cannabis buds with CBD crystals

Lesotho's cannabis becomes big business

Tansania | Gombe-Nationalpark | Schimpansen

Tanzania: Endangered chimpanzees versus humans

A deaf girl in Pakistan using a special hearing app

Pakistani app improves the lives of deaf people

A man speaks into a microphone as other men sit nearby listening

Islamic school helps people with mental illness

A woman in traditional dress stands speaking next to buckets of prickly pear

Kenyans fight invasive colonial-era plant

Women gather in a village in Indonesia to promote peace in their communities

The women behind Indonesia's 'peace village'

Global 3000 -

Kenyan community gives safe haven to rhinos

World in Progress

A weekly look at globalization, education, economic development, human rights and more. Through in-depth interviews and features, explore the far-reaching and interconnected consequences of a globalized economy.  

Watch video 08:10

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A man stands in a field, with green hills in the background

Lesotho's deal with water

DW Magazin Global 3000 (04.07.2022) - C2C

How circular economy is shrinking global waste

DW Magazin Global 3000 (04.07.2022) - Möbel aus Bier

Making furniture from beer

DW Magazin Global 3000 (04.07.2022) - GS Mumbai

Streetfood from Mumbai

Global Ideas | Amazonien | indigenes Volk der Karipuna

Brazil: The fear of the Amazon loggers

Global 3000 | 13.09.21 | Chile Araukarienbäume

Fighting for Chile's Araucaria Forest

Global 3000 (20.06.2022) WZ Kenia

Global Living Room: Kenya

DW Eco India | 184 | Groundwater

Drought in Germany

Bhutan Wasserkrise Schülerinnen der Central School in Tsirangtoe

Water worries in Bhutan