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Adobe houses are making a comeback in Hungary

Adobe houses are making a comeback in Hungary

illuminated pandal at Durga Puja festival

India: Durga Puja in full swing after 2 years of COVID woes

Kenianischer Student entwirft Kleidung, die Telefone auflädt

Kenyan student designs clothes that charge phones

A mosque in Bihar state, India

Indian Muslims report housing exclusion

Haseeba Noori, a former Afghan lawyer now living in Pakistan

Former Afghan lawyer fears for her life in Pakistan

DW News Africa Moderator Tomi Oladipo Artikelbild

DW News Africa with Tomi Oladipo, 30 September 2022

An Indonesian woman looks at her phone

Indonesian trans woman excels at university

Half of the Afghan the population is going hungry amid a worsening economic crisis.

Afghanistan suffers widespread hunger

Petraeus: 'Putin is desperate'

Petraeus: 'Putin is desperate'

Kenyan Railmway

Kenya: Nairobi Expressway's controversial fees

Vegan food: olives, radishes, almonds, hummus, beets, tomatoes, peppers, guacamole

India's plant-based market faces challenges

Leader of Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni looks on as she walks on the stage at the party's election night headquarters

Far-right heading for power after Italy vote

Cecilia Nkosi talks with her great-grandchild, Smangaliso Nkosi as they warm themselves in front of a fire place and sit in the dark with a candle

S. Africa's electricity crisis cripples economy

A old woman stands next to a colorful mural showing people sorting their trash

Indonesian village finds inventive use for trash

A closeup of a calligrapher writing on a page in Delhi, India

Meet Urdu Bazaar's last calligrapher

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A weekly look at globalization, education, economic development, human rights and more. Through in-depth interviews and features, explore the far-reaching and interconnected consequences of a globalized economy.  

More videos

Abandoned dogs find new homes

Abandoned dogs find new homes

Stills aus MADE in Germany

Cleaning up steel production

DW Global 3000 | Brasilien Schulabbrecher durch Corona-Pandemie

Pandemic ups school dropout rates

DW Global 3000 | Südafrika Stromabschaltungen wegen maroder Kraftwerke

The load shedding crisis

DW Sendung Global 3000 | Die Plastik-Räuber von Delhi

Indian 'plastic thieves' fight pollution

DW Sendung Global 3000 | Skaten auf Plastikdeckeln

Skateboards from bottle caps

A pile of animal bones in Utqiagvik

Alaska: Land of melting glaciers

DW Sendung Global 3000 | Alexandrias Kampf gegen den Untergang

Jewel of the Mediterranean at risk of sinking

Thumbnails Global 3000

Plantain — A staple food in Ghana cuisine