Wild Boar Roast with Mushrooms and Pearl Barley Risotto | Lifestyle | DW | 01.09.2016
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Wild Boar Roast with Mushrooms and Pearl Barley Risotto

In Katowice, Upper Silesia, Chef Marcin Czubak is preparing a delicious mushroom dish for Euromaxx, with wild boar and pearl barley risotto.

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Wild boar with fresh mushrooms (Download)

Ingredients (serves 4)
400g mushrooms
250g pearl barley
600g wild boar (preferably back cut)
200g butter
100g mascarpone
50g grated cheese
1 liter stock
4 sprigs thyme
10 juniper berries
Half a lemon
Olive oil

Boil the pearl barley in salty water for ten minutes, then drain and let it cool. In the meantime clean the mushrooms thoroughly. Do not use water, instead use a soft cleaning brush. Heat a dash of olive oil and 50g of butter in a pan. Add the mushrooms and fry quickly. After a few minutes, squeeze in half a lemon. Add the pearl barley and stock to the pan and stir. Gradually add in the grated cheese, the mascarpone and 100g butter.

Sauté the wild boar in oil until medium rare, along with the juniper berries. Fry the meat for two minutes on each side. Add 50g butter and the thyme sprigs, baste the meat and put aside to cool. Cut the meat into pieces and serve with the pearl barley and mushroom risotto.

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