Wigald Boning | Night Grooves | DW | 02.11.2017
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Night Grooves

Wigald Boning

Wigald Boning plays the flute, the saxophone and various sorts of keyboards – and there’s nowhere he enjoys performing more than together with guests on the couch of Night Grooves.

Wigald Boning has never paid attention to musical genre boundaries. As a young man in the 1980s he played in the punk band KIXX. But by the age of 21 he had already moved on, devoting himself to the charms of German-language songs. A short time later, Boning got his first film role in “Hard Days, Hard Nights,” the story of a British beat band in Hamburg in the 1960s.

As a boy Boning hated piano lessons, which he was forced to take to the accompaniment of his teacher’s pet Yorkshire terrier. He would shorten them by simply turning the clocks forward. He preferred to teach himself the flute. Today he plays almost a dozen instruments.

More or less by accident, thanks to a role as a serious interviewer in a documentary film, he and others discovered that he had a talent for comedy. During the 1990s he was one of the lead figures in the hit show “Samstag Nacht” on German TV. 

Around this time he also finally got his musical breakthrough as one half of Die Doofen (The Idiots) with comedian Olli Dittrich. The album “Lieder, die die Welt nicht braucht” (Songs the World Doesn’t Need) saw the duo spend several weeks at the top of the German charts.

Boning’s trademark are his flamboyant outfits. The first time he dared simply to don a pair of jeans was when Anastacia took an interest in his wardrobe in the first episode of Night Grooves.