Why it’s dangerous to wear high heels | Healthy Living | DW | 10.11.2017
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Healthy Living

Why it’s dangerous to wear high heels

They look sexy! That’s enough to make some women throw all warnings to the wind and wear high heels. But the consequences may be more serious than they’d imagined.

Fashion tells us what to do, and so women love to wear high heels. But unfortunately, the more time we spend in our heels,the more serious the damages they can cause to the mechanics of the feet and ankles. The higher you go the more pressure is on the ball of the foot. Also squeezing feet into unrealistically narrow shoes may cause hammer toes, even knee and back pain. In the long run, bunions, or Hallux valgus, can often be attributed to high heels. Experts advise to women to change things. Wear a 2-inch pump one day and 4-inch heels at night, and flats or walking shoes the next day.