When do you like to wear fancy dress? | Lifestyle | DW | 06.03.2020
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When do you like to wear fancy dress?

February is the peak of the carnival season when many people across Europe like to don costumes. We asked you to tell us when you like to wear fancy dress. Find out here whether you have won an exclusive Euromaxx watch.

Carnival fans really enjoy dressing up as someone or something else -- for a day at least. We asked you to tell us on which special occasions you like to wear fancy dress. Thanks for all your answers. 
We drew the winner of an exclusive Euromaxx wristwatch from all the entries. The watch goes to Olivera Stanković. She writes: "I like wearing fancy dress to the masked spring ball at the school where I work as a teacher, because I like to be with my students in every way I can be, and show them what a great team we can be. This March or April, I will organize the spring party at my small rural school in Donja Trnava, near Niš, Serbia." Congratulations!