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What purpose do you use your bicycle for?

March 23, 2018

Cycling is growing in popularity. We wanted to know what purpose you use your bicycle for. Find out here whether you won our thank-you prize.

DW Euromaxx Zuschaueraktion Fahrrad Collage
Image: DW

We got a huge response to our request for photos showing what purpose you use your bike for. Thank you to all those who took part! Plus: one lucky viewer can look forward to getting a bike bag. And the winner is Richard Theberge from West Gardiner, USA. Congratulations!

DW Euromaxx Zuschaueraktion (Umfrage): Weshalb fahren Sie gerne Rad?
DW Gewinner Euromaxx Zuschaueraktion Fahrrad
Image: Richard Theberge