What are the don’ts when brushing your teeth? | Healthy Living | DW | 09.05.2017
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Healthy Living

What are the don’ts when brushing your teeth?

Plaque is more stubborn than some people might imagine. It is especially prevalent in those places that your brush cannot reach. Just brushing is therefore not sufficient.

Most adults brush their teeth the wrong way, with circular motions. Experts say that’s not ideal, because you can push plaque and bacteria under the gum line, promoting inflammation. Sweeping movements are preferable, in which you hold the toothbrush tilted at a slight angle at the junction where the gums meet the teeth, and sweep away from it – always from gum to tooth. To remove plaque thoroughly, brush your teeth twice daily for at least five minutes each time. In addition, it is recommended that you use dental floss on a daily basis. To be on the safe side, you can buy chewable tablets from a pharmacy that color any plaque remaining red – and you might be in for another surprise or too.