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Werner Rätz

May 18, 2007

Werner Rätz is the coordinator of the G8 activities for Attac, an activist organization which will be holding demonstrations at Heiligendamm.

Werner Rätz

I do not have any hopes for the G8 summit at all. In previous years we have found that these summits might talk a lot about goodwill and aid, but in private it's just "business as usual." Two years ago in Gleneagles they talked about the largest debt package in history. We are only beginning to see some action on this now. I expect them to give a similar brush-off to the public again this year.

On the other hand, I'm optimistic about our activities. I think that the G8 summit in Heiligendamm will bring about a large social mobilization. The activist networks and groups that are preparing to demonstrate at the summit range from the far left to the mainstream in their politics.

Civil society cooperation is very strong and in recent years we have built a movement that is critical of globalization and questions the neo-liberal conviction that "there is no alternative" to globalization.