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We tell it like it is

June 1, 2015

The flagship for the new English channel will be DW News - a comprehensive program with breaking news, analysis and in-depth coverage of the most pressing issues.

Test englische Startseite EINSCHRÄNKUNG LÖSCHEN

The main focus will be a new 30-minute format that runs 14 times a day from Monday to Friday. Additionally, there will be two 60-minute formats from Monday to Friday, as well as a 15-minute summary of all the key stories from Europe and around the world eight times a day and on weekends. DW News will also make regional issues a priority, with a special focus on Asia (11-15:00 UTC) and Africa (16-20:00 UTC).

The new DW News digs beneath the surface to illuminate the issues that affect people all over the world and provide expert analysis. DW News will be the flagship for DW with a new look and more interaction. Our news will be linked to the world of social media to deliver the information you need faster than ever. We are inquisitive and we want to help our viewers discover the world with full coverage of all the big topics from politics, business, sports and culture. We will bring you stories that you won't see elsewhere - providing fascinating new insights into the people and places beyond the headlines. With fair and balanced reporting on international issues, DW will do its part to set the global news agenda.