vintage! Tempo Matador | Drive it! - The Motor Magazine | DW | 19.10.2011
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Drive it!

vintage! Tempo Matador

After the Second World War, the economic miracle that resurrected Germany had many guises.

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As the VW-Beetle began to mobilize the masses, many small businesses relied on a robust, small truck for shipments and deliveries. From coal merchants to plumbers and glaziers to greengrocers, Germany’s upwardly mobile small businessmen said they could swear by the reliability of the Tempo Matador. A businessman, Oskar Vidal, was already making three-wheeled commercial vehicles in 1928. And in 1950, he created an icon with the hardy, four-wheeled truck, the Matador. In the first years, the vehicle came with four-cylinder, 25 horsepower, VW boxer engines that were placed behind the front axle. When that feature changed, so did the fate of the Matador.