vintage! Simca 1200 S | Drive it! - The Motor Magazine | DW | 06.04.2011
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Drive it!

vintage! Simca 1200 S

Hans Exner has been on the motor sport circuit for years. His specialty is slalom and alpine racing. He is usually first over the finish line in his Simca 1200 S racing coupé.

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Exner tells drive it! that weight reduction is the be-all and end-all in motor racing. Exner's Simca 1200 S tips the scales at a sleek 750 kilograms. But there is even more to it than that. For acceleration, the Simca 1200 S is kitted out with a special transmission that will sling it into top speed even on the steepest of hills. After the car's engine was damaged, Exner rebuilt it to original specs, but now the four-cylinder delivers 140 horsepower, 55 horsepower more than it did to begin with.