VfL Bochum | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 08.08.2006
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VfL Bochum

After spending most of the first half of the season in the bottom three, Bochum got their act together and pulled themselves up to 14th place.

Bochum remain upbeat despite being in their usual relegation struggle

Bochum remain upbeat despite being in their usual relegation struggle

Bochum made two well-chosen additions in the winter break, bringing in midfielder Joel Epalle to bolster their attack and goalkeeper Jaroslav Drobny to shore up things between the post.

They're still only three points clear of the drop zone, but Bochum hope they can build on their momentum from late 2006 and some positive results in friendlies in January.

The team knows the pain of going down, having done so five times in the past. They will probably struggle against relegation the whole season, but there are reasons enough to be optimistic.

The Roster

Goal: Jaroslav Drobny, Peter Skov-Jensen, René Renno, Alexander Bade

Defense: Benjamin Lense, Martin Meichelbeck, Marcel Maltritz, Pavel Drsek, Heiko Butscher, Philipp Bönig, David Pallas, Anthar Yahia

Midfield: Christoph Dabrowski, Daniel Imhof, Thomas Zdebel, Dariusz Wosz, Zvjezdan Misimovic, Oliver Schröder, Dennis Grote, Filip Trojan, Joel Epalle

Strikers: Tommy Bechmann, Fabio Junior, Joris van Hout, Ivo Ilicevic, Theofanis Gekas, Sebastian Hille

(as of January 2007)

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