US plane diverted in security scare | News | DW | 22.05.2012
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US plane diverted in security scare

A US Airways plane bound for Maine has been diverted over a security concern. Although a suspicious passenger caused alarm bells to be raised, the exact circumstances are unclear.

A US Airways flight travelling from Paris and bound for Charlotte, North Carolina, was diverted to an airport in Maine on Tuesday, reportedly because of "suspicious behavior" exhibited by a passenger, according to US officials.

"TSA is aware of reports of a passenger who exhibited suspicious behavior during flight. Out of an abundance of caution the flight was diverted to BGR (Bangor) where it was met by law enforcement," the Transportation Security Administration said in a statement.

Two fighter jets were deployed to respond to the security concerns about US Airways flight 787, which is reported to have been carrying 179 passengers and nine crew members. The flight landed safely in Maine, officials said.

An unconfirmed source said that a woman on board the flight had announced she was carrying a surgically implanted device.

The flight is now scheduled to take off from Maine and fly on to its original intended destination in North Carolina on Tuesday afternoon local time.

sej/ncy (Reuters, AP)