US drone strike kills eight in Pakistan | News | DW | 05.05.2012
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US drone strike kills eight in Pakistan

An American drone aircraft killed at least eight people on Saturday in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan. The controversial drones have strained US-Pakistani relations, but the US says their use is legitimate.

At least eight suspected militants have been killed by a US drone in Pakistan on Saturday in the second such US operation in the country this week, according to Pakistani security officials. The aircraft struck in the Shawal area of the North Waziristan region near the Afghan border.

Shawal is a remote area of forested ridges and valleys that spreads out on both sides of the border and has long been known as a haven for militants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and beyond. North Waziristan is also believed to be a key command and control center for insurgents fighting American troops in neighboring Afghanistan.

Relations with Pakistan have suffered recently after many political parties in Pakistan demanded an end to drone strikes on the country's territories. The US, meanwhile, is reluctant to halt the strikes, as they have helped weaken al Qaeda and associated terror groups. The US also points out that the use of remotely piloted and unmanned aircraft is legitimate under international law.

The identities and affiliations of those killed on Saturday were not immediately known.

ng/gb (AP, Reuters)