Untold Stories – Germany′s women footballers | Kick off! - The Bundesliga Highlights | DW | 11.07.2017
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Kick off!

Untold Stories – Germany's women footballers

Eight-times European Champions and 2-times World Champions: the fairytale of the German Women’s national team. Pioneer Anne Trabant, current international Dzenifer Marozsán and U17 European Champion Melissa Kössler about the sport that was forbidden for women until 1970.

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The Past: "It was a dream come true, I was crying during the national anthem”. Anne Trabant was the team's playmaker for the first German women's international game in Koblenz in 1982. The "First Lady of German Football” won the first-ever Women's German Championship in 1974. She was crowned champions nine times with Bergisch Gladbach and won the unofficial World Cup in Taiwan in 1981. The Present: Anna Blässe has just won the German Championship with Wolfsburg. Dzenifer Marozsán won the Champions League with Olympique Lyon and was voted player of the season. Both play for the German national team, while Marozsán is also the captain "The Euros won't be easy. Of course expectations are high because we have won so much in the past.” The Future: Melissa Kössler, striker for Turbine Potsdam, won the U17 title this summer in the Czech Republic. In the final against Spain she scored the decisive penalty. "You have to sacrifice a lot in sport. You are on the pitch ten times a week and you that requires a lot of discipline. Without ambition and discipline you will achieve nothing.”