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Ukraine's counteroffensive: how will Putin react?

June 15, 2023

Ukraine has announced some territorial gains, helped by modern western tanks. Signs of infighting are coming from the Kremlin, even as it warns the West. Our guests: Wilfried Jilge (DGAP), Marina Henke (Hertie School), Vladimir Esipov (DW)

DW Sendung To The Point 15.06.2023 | TTPD+E Marina Henke
Image: DW


Marina Henke, Director of the Hertie School’s Center for International Security and an author of acclaimed works on security policy. 


DW Sendung To The Point 15.06.2023 | TTPD+E Wilfried Jilge
Image: DW



Wilfried Jilge, is an Associate Fellow at the German Council on Foreign Relations’ Center for Order and Governance in Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as mediation adviser on Ukraine at the Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF).  

DW Sendung To The Point 15.06.2023 | TTPD+E Vladimir Esipov
Image: DW


Vladimir Esipov serves on our Russian language desk and is a valued frequent guest on this program.

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