Tyrolean Trio: a dumpling dish from Italy | Vegetarian Dishes | DW | 24.08.2018
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Vegetarian Dishes

Tyrolean Trio: a dumpling dish from Italy

Tyrolean Trio: a "triple" dumpling dish from Italy. It's made with spinach dumplings, cheese dumplings, and stuffed pasta. It started out as a leftover dish -- and now it's become a classic of South Tyrolean cuisine. 

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Tyrolean Tris: a dumpling dish from Italy

Recipe for the Tyrolean Trio (Spinach and Cheese Dumplings, and Spinach Ravioli) 

For the Cheese Dumplings: 

Serves 4
30 g onions
20 g butter 
100 g cheese (Tyrolean grey, gouda, tilsit, or mountain cheese)
150 g firm, day-old white bread, cut into cubes
2 eggs
100 ml milk 
1 tbsp flour
Seasonings: 2 tbsp finely chopped chives, fresh-ground pepper, salt

20 g grated parmesan cheese
30 g brown butter (beurre noisette)
2 tbsp finely chopped chives

-Peel the onions, chop finely, and sauté them in the butter.
-Cut the cheese into small cubes and add them to the sautéd onions and cubes of white bread
-Mix the eggs and milk. Add this mixture and the chives to the white bread mixture.
-Season with salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. Add the flour and knead until the dough sticks together.
-Let the dough sit for about 30 minutes.
-Form the dumplings with wet hands.
-Bring plenty of salted water to a boil in a large pot. Drop the dumplings into the water and let them cook.
-Remove the cooked dumplings, allow them to drain, then place them on plates or a platter, and strew with Parmesan. Drizzle the brown butter over them and sprinkle with chives.

Cooking time: 15 minutes.

Curd cheese can be added to the dumpling mixture for added taste.
Serve with bacon coleslaw or a green salad.
Anton Wieser has another tip for novice dumpling makers. Start by boiling a single dumpling to test it. If it falls apart, add more flour to the dough.

For the Spinach Dumplings:

Serves 4


60 g onions 
200 g fresh spinach, blanched

2 tbsp butter 
2 eggs
50 ml milk 
1 tbsp flour
150 g firm, day-old white bread, cut into cubes

1 garlic clove 
1 pinch of ground nutmeg
Fresh-ground pepper, salt

30 g grated Parmesan
70 g brown butter

- Peel the onions and garlic, chop them finely and sauté them in the butter.
- Chop the spinach finely. Add it to the onions and garlic, and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.
- Puree the spinach mixture with the eggs in a blender or food processor. 
- Add the pureed spinach, the milk, flour, salt and pepper to the bread cubes and mix thoroughly.
- Let the mixture stand, covered, for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, bring a big pot of salted water to a boil.
- Form the dumplings with wet hands or a spoon. Drop them into the water and let them simmer until cooked.
- Put the spinach dumplings on plates or a platter, and top with grated Parmesan and brown butter. 

Cooking time: 15 -20 minutes

Serve the dumplings on a light cream sauce with chunks of stewed tomato, or with slices of mountain cheese and nut butter.
To get 200 g of blanched spinach, you'll need twice as much raw spinach.

For the Ravioli: 

Serves 4

150 g rye flour 
100 white flour
1 egg 
50-60 ml lukewarm water
1 tbsp oil, salt
150 g boiled spinach (about 300 g fresh spinach)
50 g finely chopped onions
½ garlic clove, finely chopped 
1 tbsp butter 
100 g curd cheese or ricotta cheese 
1 tbsp grated Parmesan
1 tbsp chives, finely chopped 
1 pinch grated nutmeg
Fresh-ground pepper, salt

grated Parmesan, brown butter, and finely chopped chives for the topping. 

-Mix the two kinds of flour, strew on a pasta board in a wreath shape, and add the salt
-Whisk the egg with the lukewarm water and oil, pour into the middle of the flour wreath, and knead the mixtures into a smooth dough
from the inside outward. Cover the dough and let it sit for 30 minutes
- Chop the spinach finely. Sauté the onions and garlic in butter, add the spinach and sauté a bit longer. Let the mixture cool a bit.
- Add the curd cheese or ricotta, parmesan, and chives. Season with nutmeg, salt, and pepper and mix well.
- Roll out the dough until it's thin with a pasta machine
- Work quickly so the dough doesn't dry out.
- Use a round, smooth pastry cutter to make dough circles about 7 cm in diameter.
- Use a small spoon or an icing bag to put the filling in the middles of the circles.
- Moisten the edges of the circles with water and fold the dough into half-moons.
- Press the edges together with your fingers right away.
- Cook the ravioli in salted water, remove with a slotted spoon and put on plates. Top with Parmesan, brown butter and chives. Serve.

Cooking time: 3- 4 minutes
The ingredients for the dough can be mixed in a bowl and kneaded on the working surface (table or pasta board) afterwards.
The filling can also be enhanced by adding potato puree.

Buon appetito!

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