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A visit to Bach locations

February 6, 2012

Johann Sebastian Bach wrote musical history and continues to delight people today. We take you on a tour of locations that are, even today, strongly conected to the composer.

Bronze statue of Bach next to the St.Thomas church in Leipzig
Image: picture alliance/dpa

Worldwide, Johann Sebastian Bach is also among one of the best known Germans. Many tourists visitng Germany have locations connected to him high up on their itinerary. We look at three of them: Eisenach, Köthen and Leipzig.

Johann Sebastian Bach was born the youngest son of a musical family in Eisenach in 1685. The old town there still has many reminders of his childhood - such as St. George's Church, where Bach was baptized. There's also the Bach Museum with its depiction of the life of the city's greatest son.

Bach Museum in Eisenach
The Bach Museum in Eisenach, where the composer was bornImage: picture-alliance/ dpa

Bach was appointed the Court Director of Music by Leopold, Prince of Anhalt-Köthen in 1717. The job made the composer head of an outstanding orchestra. The Bach exhibition in Köthen provides a comprehensive look at the years in which he focussed on secular music.

But it was in Leipzig that Bach reached his creative pinnacle, writing hundreds of cantatas, choral works, oratories and passions. A major magnet for Bach tourists is the Bach Museum, which boasts a range of original manuscripts, and St. Thomas' Church, where Bach was cantor and is also buried.

Author: DW-TV
Editor: Sue Cox

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