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Toys 'R' Us responds to terror

November 20, 2015

US retail chain Toys 'R' Us has said it would stop selling toy guns and other items in its French stores. The company said it hoped its decision, which followed last week's terrorist attacks in Paris, would help police.

Kid with toy gun
Image: picture alliance/Wolfram Steinberg

US retail giant Toys 'R' Us said Friday it would remove toy guns and other kids' toys from its stores' shelves in France.

"Toys 'R' Us management asked its store managers in France to remove 23 toys that looked like guns and weapons," the company confirmed in a statement, adding the decision was "taken in light of the Paris attacks."

The move to retract the items in question was not because the firm suddenly realized that such toys did not belong in children's hands. Rather, the decision was meant to assist local police units.

Tiny fraction of toys affected

"It was taken because these toys could be misinterpreted as real weapons and could be a source of confusion for police forces," the company commented.

Toys 'R' Us emphasized that only a small proportion of its range was affected, adding that other toys such as light sabers and water guns would continue to be sold in the 48 stores it had in France.

The retail behemoth did not specify immediately for how long the retracted toys would remain off the shelves.

hg/cjc (AFP, France Info)