Tommy Krappweis, TV Producer | Talking Germany | DW | 18.05.2012
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Talking Germany

Tommy Krappweis, TV Producer

The 39-year-old author and comedian Tommy Krappweis is the inventor of "Bernhard Bread," a grumpy loaf of bread that's achieved cult status on German television.

He's worked for some of the biggest names in German entertainment, but author and comedian Tommy Krappweis is still relatively unknown. His character "Bernhard Bread", however, is one of the most iconic figures on German children's television. In 2004, he won a prestigious German film prize for the invention of Bernhard. He's also an accomplished writer: In February, Krappweis published a book about his 'traumatic' childhood in which he was forced to take camping vacations with his family. He lives with his wife and daughter in Munich.