Thumbs up for Learning by Ear | Learning by Ear | DW | 17.12.2010
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Learning by Ear

Thumbs up for Learning by Ear

Learning by Ear has already won several international awards for its creativity and originality. The radio dramas and features transport vital lessons in a fun way and contribute to further education in Africa.

Future-oriented, innovative, creative and diverse: Learning by Ear won its place in the Land of Ideas.

"Future-oriented, innovative, creative": Learning by Ear won its place in the Land of Ideas.

AIB Award for radio drama about “Political participation”

Chrispin Mwakideu

Chrispin Mwakideu

The Learning by Ear radio drama about “Political participation” won the AIB Award 2009 ( Association for International Broadcasting Award) in the category for “Most creative specialist genre – radio”. The jury said it was “convinced by the creative and original implementation of the radio dramas”. The series was written by the Kenyan puppeteer, actor and playwright Chrispin Mwakideu. It describes the daily challenges African teenagers face and how they confront them with courage.

In November 2010, the radionovela ‘‘Once upon a time- African History’’ was also nominated for this prize.

Series on “Women and girls in Africa” rewarded in Portugal

Zainab Aziz, Johannes Beck and Andrea Schmidt received the award in Lisbon.

Zainab Aziz, Johannes Beck and Andrea Schmidt received the award in Lisbon.

In May 2009, Learning by Ear’s series on “Women and girls in Africa – a tough life” won the Portuguese Journalist prize Prémio Paridade in Lisbon. The prize was awarded by the Portuguese Commission for Citizens' Rights and Gender Equality. It was the first time that an International media company was honored with the Prémio Paridade prize. "The Deutsche Welle series is an excellent example of how messages that can change mentalities can be sent through the media to achieve equal opportunities for women and men," said the jury.

The award was received on behalf of Learning by Ear by Johannes Beck, the head of Deutsche Welle Portuguese department, Zainab Aziz, Kenyan journalist and author of the winning series, and Andrea Schmidt, head of the Kiswahili department and coordinator of the series.

Learning by Ear, a creative place in the Land of Ideas

Deutschland Land der Ideen NEU

Learning by Ear also achieved recognition in Germany. In 2010, Learning by Ear was designated as a “Chosen Place” in the German national competition called “365 Places in the Land of Ideas”. The jury noted that Learning by Ear perfectly represents Germany as a land of ideas: future-oriented, innovative, creative and diverse and wished it would inspire others.

The prize was awarded in September 2010 in a colorful celebration at Deutsche Welle headquarters in Bonn. Deutsche Welle Director General Erik Betterman, received the prize on behalf of the Learning by Ear team. On this occasion, students from the Friedrich-Ebert High School enacted some scenes from Learning by Ear dramas with the support of the Kenyan actor and playwright Chrispin Mwakideu.

Learning by Ear series are produced in six languages and broadcasted in 50 African countries. Twenty-seven radio dramas and feature stories have been produced since 2008. Learning by Ear plays a big role in the lives of young people in Africa, offering radio dramas and feature stories on a variety of topics, ranging from political and societal issues to economical, health and environmental issues.

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