The PR consultant - Martina Kiphardt in Hattingen | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 28.06.2010
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The PR consultant - Martina Kiphardt in Hattingen

Martina Kiphardt is good with people. Whether she's at the bar in her favorite pub or in a meeting with high-paying PR clients, she enjoys interacting with people from all different kinds of backgrounds.

Martina Kiphardt

Breaks are rare for Martina Kiphardt

Fietes, a pub in Hattingen near Essen, is Martina Kiphardt's second home. There, she has built up a diverse circle of friends over the past 20 years.

"I came here for the first time when I was 15 and drank my cocoa with whipped cream, sat in the corner, and was proud to be here," said Kiphardt. "Then one day my mother said, if I wanted to buy more jeans and brand-name clothes I had to find a job."

Her first job was serving beer and other beverages at Fietes. Two decades later, Kiphardt is now a successful PR consultant - but she still stops by her old haunt several times a week to chat with the other regulars.

Martina Kiphardt at Fiete's in Hattingen

Fiete's - Kiphardt's second home

At Fietes, the attorney rubs elbows with the horse trainer and the perpetually unemployed salesman with the graphic designer. While Martina Kiphardt talks about things that have nothing to do with her own profession, she usually drinks a beer or sparkling apple juice and smokes a cigarillo.

Keeper of the key

As a regular, former bartender good friend of Fiete, the owner of the pub, Kiphardt enjoys a few special privileges - and she even has a second key to the place. That can come in handy not just for her, but also for Fiete.

"When he loses his key, he can get me to let him in," said Kiphardt with a smile. "It's a nice feeling to know that I have a key to my 'second home.'"

In contrast to the dark wood and clutter in Fietes, Kiphardt's own home has a light, modern feel to it. But she doesn't have much time for either place, since her job at a PR agency in Essen is goes well beyond nine-to-five.

Kiphardt's cliental at the agency spans a broad spectrum, ranging from the professional soccer team Shalke 04 to an energy provider to the tourism sector.

Lots of talk, but no nonsense

Martina Kiphardt at a meeting

Communicating is what Kiphardt does best

Both on the job and after work, Kiphardt likes to communicate with many different kinds of people. She's good at it and she means what she says.

"Especially in my job, when I tell clients something, then I keep my word," said the PR consultant, adding that her conscientiousness could be considered typically German.

What's perhaps less stereotypically German about Martina Kiphardt is that she describes herself as a "very hectic" person - and her musical taste is a reflection of that. She listens to everything from Mozart to Marilyn Manson.

"When I'm on my way into the office, I listen to more aggressive music to wake up a bit," said Kiphardt. "And at the end of the day I like to listen to quieter ballades."

Whether the day winds down at home or at Fietes - she decides that spontaneously on the way out of the office.

Author: Kate Bowen

Editor: Rina Goldenberg

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