The most important social institution | Family | DW | 28.03.2013
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The most important social institution

Rocío del Pilar comes from Colombia, but love brought her to Germany. Here her family consists of her husband and her cat. She also has daily contact with her parents and siblings in Colombia.

Family is very important in Germany both from social and legal viewpoints. A family creates a stable and often unbreakable relationship. For me family is the most important social institution in my life. No matter what happens at work or in other situations, my family always succeeds in helping me get back in balance.

In Germany for love
I am Colombian and now because of love I am also German. I am married to a German man and we both love this country very much. Even though I live here permanently, I call my parents and siblings in Colombia every day. They hardly even notice that I’m not there! Sometimes I am even better informed about what is going on in Colombia than my brothers who live there.

100 percent for family
Here in Germany my own family consists of my husband and my cat. I give 100 percent of myself to this family. My husband earns enough for the both of us so I don’t need to work. Both of us want a devoted relationship with the simple goal of being happy, which we very much are. I dedicate myself to all of the things a housewife works on and taking care of my husband is the job that gives me the most satisfaction. I am also a journalist and during my career I have won different awards on national and international levels. However the recognition which makes me happiest, is the love of my husband, because love is neither easy to find nor to uphold.

How Rocío del Pilar and her husband first met
Who could have imagined how I would meet my husband? It was on a bus in Colombia on the route from San Gil to Barichara. He was just one of thousands of tourists who visit this region. Love is more than just a coincidence; it is a wonderful work of god. And a family is the highest blessing that someone can receive. Here at home I feel completely fulfilled by the small things that strengthen my relationship each day.

A mutual give and take
When I see my husband coming home after work it always reminds me of being a child excitedly waiting for my father to return. Now every evening it is just like that with my husband. I take off his coat for him, warm up his dinner and afterwards we watch television together or listen to a DW radio program. Every morning when he leaves the house on his way to work, I am always happy to see him in his freshly washed and ironed shirt because it is with these tasks that I show my love. He works for our well-being and that is a sign of his love for me.

These things that seem so small and simple are really the things that have the most meaning in everyday life. Everyone should lend great importance to family so that it may prosper and help us to confront the adversities and monsters of everyday life that in the end only exist in our heads.