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The illusion of abundance

December 3, 2023

They’ve declared war on transnational companies. Three courageous women in Peru, Honduras and Brazil are risking their lives to resist government and corporations exploiting their homelands out of greed -- and in pursuit of unbridled growth.


Carolina, Bertha and Maxima live in Peru, Honduras and Brazil. What unites them: they’re homing in on companies in the EU and US that are wreaking havoc on their home nations in disregard of national and international law. Although their opponents are much more powerful than they are, these three women have a common goal: They’re leading today’s fight against modern conquistadors.

Whereas governments and corporations, trapped in a global race towards unlimited growth, need to get their hands on the cheapest raw materials, these three women tell us a story of tireless courage: how to continue battling to protect nature when police and corporations threaten violence and retribution, putting the activists very lives at risk? Bertha, Carolina and Maxima relentlessly raise their voices and demand justice, while transnational companies knowingly inflict damage on human life and the environment in the name of profit.

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