The Garden Project, Week 4: Remembering Their Roots | DW-RADIO | DW | 07.07.2008
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The Garden Project, Week 4: Remembering Their Roots

Is Lenga Lenga a weed or a vegetable? That is a matter of place and perspective. Jean Bosco brought the plant from Rwanda, where he used to grow it in his mother's garden.


Jean Bosco working in the garden

Jean Bosco worked in rural development in Rwanda – before the war that tore the country apart. As the strife between Tutsis and Hutus was occurring, he was representing his government here in Germany. As a member of both ethnic groups, it was impossible for him to return home.

For the past four weeks, Jean Bosco has been trying to grow “lenga lenga”, a spinach-like plant native to his homeland of Rwanda in his plot at the International Garden. There is grows like a weed, but in Germany, snails, slugs and dry soil are making things tough for this otherwise robust plant.

For Jean, working in the garden is a way to keep a connection to his roots, and to his parents, who were lost in the war.

Report: Kateri Jochum

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