Talking Germany - Maren Kroymann, Cabaret Artist & Singer | Talking Germany | DW | 25.08.2014
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Talking Germany

Talking Germany - Maren Kroymann, Cabaret Artist & Singer

Stage, television, film, radio - Maren Kroymann can do it all. The 64-year-old entertainer feels best on the cabaret stage and when she's singing. She uses her celebrity to campaign for the rights of homosexuals. After her own outing in 1993, television roles in particular failed to materialize. Maren Kroymann, who makes her home in Berlin, shares her thoughts on tolerance on Talking Germany.

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Maren Kroymann is currently touring the German-speaking world with her new stage show "In My Sixties". The show features 1960s music and reflects on the rigidity and conservative values of that period. It also looks at the concept of growing older. As a teenager, Kroymann got into rock 'n’ roll and pop music, helped by her four older brothers, although it was frowned upon by her academic parents. Elvis Presley, Dusty Springfield, Chuck Berry and Little Richard opened a whole new world for Maren Kroymann. After finishing school, she went to the United States for a year, a time which she describes as liberating. She later read romance philology, American and English studies in Tübingen, Paris and Berlin. Since 1971, she has made her home in the German capital. Maren Kroymann also took on acting roles in the theatre and learned to sing. Her career as an entertainer began in 1982. In 1993, she became the first woman to have her own satirical show on German television. Today she is a passionate feminist and more popular than ever - on the stage, on the television and the big screen. She is also an ambassador for the Cologne association "Coming Out Day", which seeks to support homosexual young people and raise awareness of issues they may face.