Talking Germany - Amir Kabbani, Professional Mountain Biker | Talking Germany | DW | 01.06.2015

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Talking Germany

Talking Germany - Amir Kabbani, Professional Mountain Biker

Amir Kabbani is one of Germany's best dirt bikers. On hazardous circuits he jumps over earth mounds and other obstacles on his mountain bike, and catapults down steep slopes and ramps. Amir Kabbani is 24 and grew up in Boppard on the Rhine. He practices in the forests around the wine-growing town. On Talking Germany he talks about renown and risks in his extreme sport.

Amir Kabbani, whose mother is German and father Syrian, discovered mountain biking when he was 13. Just four years later he turned pro. He now lives on the prize money he wins at national and international competitions and support from sponsors. He earned his reputation in the mountain bike scene and beyond through spectacular web videos. Together with director and cinematographer Lukas Tielke he shot two short films titled "In the Woods with Amir Kabbani. " A third title is in preparation. In his home town of Boppard he's helped build a mounntain bike park which he looks after, together with a team. For a long time Amir Kabbani escaped any severe injuries, but in March 2014 he fractured his twelfth thoracic vertebra in an accident during practice. Fortunately the injury is healing well, and there has been no permanent damage.