Tales of first experiences on drugs | #drugtrap | Life Links | DW | 03.11.2014
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Tales of first experiences on drugs

What’s it like to be on drugs for the first time? One man felt uncontrollable terror; another had a conversation with his five-year-old self. Here’s a few hugely different accounts.

“Right now I have pot in my car”

Ardha (Indonesia) started smoking marijuana at the age of 18; he’s now 24.

The first time I became acquainted with drugs was when I went to secondary school. Some friends invited me to join them, so I tried it during the class break. We smoked marijuana just like a cigarette. It tasted good, made me feel light and almost like I was flying. It made me laugh out loud, and it didn’t give me any stomach problems. So I wanted to smoke it again and again and again.

I usually smoked during the break. Or when I got bored in class, I went outside and hung out in the cafeteria. Some of my friends used to get the products from drug dealers and all of us paid for it together. I was among those students who achieved the highest grades in school, so none of my teachers cared when I returned to the classroom slightly drowsy or fell asleep at my desk. They just thought I was ill. Lucky me, being known as the “good boy”.

When I went to university I smoked even more. I made friends with all kinds of people, some of them even severe drug addicts. I smoked weed almost every day, testing different types: the cheap stuff “ngelem”, as we call it, to the more expensive “giting”. It tastes good, and what I also liked about it is that it increases your appetite. I used to be really skinny and didn’t eat much. That has changed now.

In recent months I’ve smoked less. I’ve had enough of that youthful delinquency and have started thinking about my future. But on occasions like New Year’s Eve or during a vacation on a beach I still enjoy it. Even right now, I still have pot in my car.

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