Taking action against corruption, and for climate protection | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 07.11.2017
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Taking action against corruption, and for climate protection

In Bangladesh, money earmarked for climate protection is often vanishing due to corruption and mismanagement. Transparency International wants to add clarity and ensure a change.

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Climate funds and corruption in Bangladesh

Project goal: More efficient use of climate protection funds / Strengthening civil society
Project activities: research, monitoring, advocacy, community meetings with local governments, publicizing the experiences of corruption witnesses and victims
Implementing organization: Transparency International
BMUB funding: € 185,000

The people of Bangladesh are experiencing drastic consequences of climate change. They lose their land to the sea or suffer from extreme weather events. On the other hand, Bangladesh has a state-owned fund from which climate protection and adaptation projects are financed. But large chunks of the money never arrive at their destination as corruption and mismanagement take their toll. Transparency International showcases these abuses and seeks dialogue with the government so the money can actually reach the people in need. The organization also wants to help the government collect additional money from abroad.

A film by Marion Hütter

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