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Prostitutes wait by the side of a road
The suspect is believed to have been recruiting young women into prostitution for several yearsImage: AP

Suspected German Human Trafficker Arrested in Romania

DPA news agency (jp)
August 25, 2008

Romanian border police have arrested a 37-year-old German citizen on suspicion of multiple counts of human trafficking and enforced prostitution, the Romanian Mediafax news agency reported on Monday.


The man was arrested on Monday, Aug. 25 on the Romanian-Hungarian border, and was travelling in the direction of Germany in the company of three women aged between 14 and 22.

Police also found detailed accounts of the man's income, as well as well as an appointment calendar with client information.

Romanian police had observed the man, who is of Romanian origin and who speaks Romanian, for several days before the arrest. He is alleged to have systematically recruited young women from his home region in south-west Romania into prostitution, under the guise of arranging jobs or marriages for them in Germany, since 2007.

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