Survey Shows Many Germans Don′t Stray Far From Home | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 17.07.2008
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Survey Shows Many Germans Don't Stray Far From Home

A new report shows that home really is where the heart lies for over 50 percent of Germans canvassed in the survey.

A family stands in front of a house

Some people try and escape this as soon as possible -- Germans tend to stick around

Germans, it seems, are essentially home bodies, according to a new survey.

In the report conducted by and published on the portal, 54.7 percent of the 10,500 Germans who answered the questionnaire live in or in the vicinity of the place of their birth. A surprising 33.5 percent of these live in the house they grew up in or on the same street as their childhood home.

Of the 45.3 percent of those canvassed who no longer live in their home town or surrounding areas, just over half of them live in the same state as they were born in.

The attachment with their birthplace remains strong for those 10.7 percent who have moved to another country.

Some 25.6 percent said they visited their birthplace several times a year; 13.3 percent go back once a month and 11.4 percent visit at least once a week, presumably from one of the countries on Germany's borders.

However, 17.8 percent of the interviewees said they had no more contact with the place in which they were born.

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