Surrealist Art Collection Opens in Berlin | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 13.07.2008
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Surrealist Art Collection Opens in Berlin

A collection of Surrealist and pre-Surrealist art has gone on show in Berlin. The exhibition of paintings, sculptures and sketches includes works by Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, René Magritte and Goya.

A woman passes the photo Die Puppe (The Doll) by artist Hans Bellmer

The disturbing visions of Hans Bellmer are also on show

The private collection traces the history of surrealist imagery from the 18th to the 20th century, and has been lent to the city for an initial period of ten years.

The Scharf-Gerstenberg collection is housed in the former Egyptian musuem in the capital's western Charlottenburg district, which has been revamped at a cost of 10 million euros ($15.6 million).

Berlin museums director Peter-Klaus Schuster described "Surreal Worlds" as an ideal complement to the Berggruen museum across the road. It focuses on the work of Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee.

A woman looks to the paintings Der Autoritaere (The Autoritarian, left), and Leichtigkeit (Ease, right) by German artist Max Ernst

The collection centers on Classical Surrealists, such as Max Ernst

Otto Gerstenberg was a pioneering figure in the insurance sector, who bought a wide range of artworks in the early 20th century. His collection was expanded by his late grandson Dieter Scharf.

The collection's curator Julietta Scharf said the project represented a realization of her father Dieter's wish to see the works publicly displayed.

The museum also has a cinema where Surrealist classics by the likes of Luis Buneul will be screened.

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