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Super Chicken, Super Egg

December 27, 2021

Chickens are the stars of the farm animal world. These clever and social animals provide us with meat and eggs.

Huhn mit Ei
Image: Colourbox

And yet despite having a rich variety of humane farming methods at our disposal, we often overlook their needs.

Image: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa/picture-alliance

Whether modern hybrid chickens are "organic" or conventionally raised, they must first and foremost be profitable and productive. Some species are bred solely for their ability to quickly put on weight and produce eggs, with little regard for their health or living conditions.  

Küken Symbolbild
Image: Zoonar/picture alliance

Meanwhile, our desire for eggs and chicken meat continues to grow. But chickens do not need to live under these conditions.  A better life is possible.  

Researchers, guided by a humane approach to farming practices, are on a mission to find an approach that takes into consideration chickens’ needs. 

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