Sudans agree to UN ceasefire, border remains tense | News | DW | 04.05.2012
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Sudans agree to UN ceasefire, border remains tense

Sudan and South Sudan have apparently agreed to a UN-imposed ceasefire, although both sides are accusing each other of still continuing to fight.

As a UN-imposed deadline for a ceasefire between Sudan and South Sudan passed Friday, both countries said they had agreed to cease hostilities following weeks of clashes that have threatened to bring the countries to war.

A standoff between opposing forces continues near the disputed border, but the governments Khartoum and Juba said they would seek peace. The UN threatened sanctions if fighting continued past the Friday deadline.

"There's nothing happening, or let's hope so," said South Sudan's army spokesman Philip Aguer. "The SPLA (army) is in a defensive position and have been told today by the commander in chief... not to move and to respect the ceasefire."

Sudan said it was no longer engaging in conflicts across the border to South Sudan, but has said it will engage Southern troops on who are still in Sudan. The border between the two countries, however, reamins disputed.

"Sudan has stopped fighting inside South Sudan in line with a UN resolution, but will continue battling Southern troops who remain on northern territory," said Sudanese foreign ministry spokesman Al-Obeid Meruh.

He cited this alleged presence on Sudanese territory as an indication that South Sudan was not holding up its end of the ceasefire bargain.

The South also said warplanes from Sudan had dropped bombs in the South's Unity state on Thursday, claims which have been denied by Sudan.

mz/msh (AFP, Reuters)