Suckling Pig Loin | Lifestyle | DW | 14.01.2019

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Suckling Pig Loin

Simon Kaiser from the restaurant "Das Esszimmer" in Baden-Württemberg is promoting the comeback of an old breed of pig for gourmets, the Swabian Hall swine.

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Swabian Hall suckling pig

Serves 6

Suckling Pig Loin
1 loin/saddle or 2 separated cutlets/chops with the skin
of a Swabian Hall suckling pig
canola oil
fresh-ground salt and pepper
a sprig of fresh thyme

Salt the loin or saddle on the skin side and sauté the meat on the skin in sufficient canola oil for 4-5 minutes till crispy. Then turn the meat and and bake in the oven until golden at ca. 160°C for 5-8 minutes.

500 grams floury potatoes from a day in advance
120 grams coarse flour (for example, Wiener Griessler)
100 grams hard wheat seminola
4 egg yolks
salt, pepper, nutmeg

A day in advance, boil the potatoes in saltwater with some caraway seeds. Peel and store in the refrigerator for further processing.

On the day the food is to be served, press the potatoes through a ricer and prepare a smooth dough with the other ingredients. Form little rolls by hand. Boil in simmering saltwater for ca. 4-5 minutes until they rise to the top of the water. Place them on a baking sheet and sprinkle with oil so they don't stick. Later, sauté them gently in a coated pan till golden brown. Add more salt to taste.

To make gnocchi dough, add grated parmesan to taste while preparing the dough.

Sweetheart cabbage
1 young head of sweetheart or pointed cabbage
canola oil
1 pinch brown sugar

Cut the sweetheart cabbage in half lengthwise and into narrow strips. Heat the oil in a pan and briefly swizzle the cabbage in it. Add the sugar and allow to lightly caramelize. Season the cabbage with salt and a little freshly ground nutmeg -- voila!

Vinegar plums
50 grams brown sugar
1 fresh twig of 2-3 bay leaves
100 ml dry red wine
100 ml dark balsamico vinegar
1 pinch of salt
100 grams plums

Slowly caramelize the brown sugar in a pan. Deglaze with the red wine and vinegar; add the bay leaves. Reduce to a syrup (ca. 60% of the liquid). Shortly before the reduction is finished, add the halved, pitted plums and let them simmer for max. 1 minute. Remove from the stove and allow to cool, or decant directly into preserving jars.

Bon Appetit!

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